Boy, It's Been a While 

I haven't been around here in over a year. These things happen. But I came back just to share this special news with you. Silver Bells, which I recorded two years ago, is now available to empty your wallets (if you only have 99 cents in your wallet, you probably shouldn't waste it on music...also why are you carrying all those coins in your wallet?). You can download it here.

It'll probably be on iTunes sometimes in the near future if you prefer to wait for that. I'll keep you posted.

Chicago Love is now on Bandcamp! 

So very exciting. You can now get Chicago Love on Bandcamp (minus "Always" because they don't allow cover songs) for just a dollar - but it gets even more exciting - if you want to pay more, you can! You get to name your own price. So if you're a billionaire looking to burn through some cash, you can pay millions for it. I highly encourage it! Get it here!

11 Days of Music 

Head on over to Facebook for 11 days of music. Every day for eleven days (we're on day four) I'm posting a track from my upcoming CD. What a great way to preview all the joy!