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It began in the late 90s with The Naked Tangerines. Limited musical ability did not dissuade this boy from trying to make something beautiful. Despite being a drummer, I insisted on learning and becoming the rhythm guitarist. Fast forward a couple of years, and I would be in another band not playing drums. Instead, this time I decided to give the bass a try. It wasn't until the end of my college career that I finally decided to be a drummer in a band. It didn't last particularly long.

This mystical musical journey lead me here. Jack of all trades. Master of none. But good enough that I decided I didn't need anyone else to make my music (a decision made easier by the fact that I have had many of my songs rejected by previous band mates - I have yet to reject myself. We'll see if this harmony lasts as time goes on). Thusly, Castler was born. Why give myself a band name when I'm just one person? Well, because I have the least rockstar name since Gordon Sumner (that's Sting to you). And since "Sting" was already taken, here we are.

I'm here to put magic in your ear holes. I'm going to shove it so far in there, not even a good Q-Tip scrubbing will get it out. This sounds much more threatening than intended. Let's forget all about it and listen to some music.

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